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The Benen Report

The Benen Report is a periodic newsletter that we send out to our clients. We discuss topics related to investing, personal financial decisions, and pertinent macroeconomic themes. These are password protected PDFs. If you are interested in reading our reports, please contact us.

January - February 2019

A look at floating rate fixed income  securities, Modern Monetary Theory, and the importance of sticking with a  long-term outlook on your stock market allocation.

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March - April 2019

A rigorous method for analyzing your personal financial health.

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May - June 2019

Cybersecurity and data privacy are top of  mind for many people right now.  Here are some insights and suggestions  to protect yourself and your data.

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July - September 2019

Now that the Fed has been cutting interest rates, it makes cash deposits considerably less attractive.  An alternate way to think about parking liquid savings in light of this.

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October - December 2019

Looking back at financial markets in 2019 and looking forward to 2020, the most important factor, overwhelmingly so, is monetary policy.

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