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The Benen Report

The Benen Report is a periodic newsletter that we send out to our clients. We discuss topics related to investing, personal financial decisions, and pertinent macroeconomic themes. These are password protected PDFs. If you are interested in reading our reports, please contact us.

January 2017

We explore investment allocation decisions amid the market conditions of early 2017. Download PDF →

February 2017

Some advice on passive index investing, along with musings on protectionist trade policy and fixed income investing. Download PDF →

March 2017

An analysis on optimal asset allocation between retirement and non-retirement accounts that looks at the effects of tax rules. Download PDF →

April 2017

When the VIX index approaches single digits, it indicates extreme market complacency. How should that affect our investing strategy and market outlook? Download PDF →

May 2017

The “FANG” stocks are eerily reminiscent of the “Nifty Fifty” of the 1970’s. We evaluate the history of trendy growth stocks with inflated P/E ratios and explore what that could mean for market outlook. Download PDF →

June 2017

A confluence of warning signs were building in the summer of 2017 and we explored the many reasons to proceed with caution. Download PDF →

July 2017

Strategies for managing your personal finances and building sustainable economic security during a bull market and economic boom time. Download PDF →

August 2017

Strategies for building liquid cash reserves in savings accounts and a cursory overview of how we think about cryptocurrency. Download PDF →

September 2017

Advice on personal cybersecurity in the wake of the Equifax hack, plus a way to think about investment strategies that profit from rising market volatility. Download PDF →

October 2017

Two harbingers of lower economic growth going forward: The adverse effects of climate change and the yield curve. Download PDF →

November 2017

A look at leveraged ETFs, pass-through entities, and trading opportunities that arise toward the end of the year as a result of tax-loss harvesting. Download PDF →

December 2017

As short-term interest rates have risen from the near-zero yield we’ve seen for the last decade, the entire texture of the financial world has changed. Download PDF →