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The Benen Report

The Benen Report is a periodic newsletter that we send out to our clients. We discuss topics related to investing, personal financial decisions, and pertinent macroeconomic themes. These are password protected PDFs. If you are interested in reading our reports, please contact us.

July 2016

In our inaugural issue we explore the relationship between interest rates and Price-to-Earnings ratios to make some educated guesses about stock market returns for the next decade. Download PDF →

August 2016

A period of persistently low volatility and interest rates can bring about certain piggish and value-destroying behavior among investors. Download PDF →

September 2016

A deep dive on the difference between financial investments in gold and owning physical gold, while exploring efficient ways to make an allocation to the yellow metal. Download PDF →

October 2016

We explore in depth the mathematical concept of bond convexity and why investors should always consider allocating to long dated treasury bonds. Download PDF →

November 2016

In this issue we examine the post-election bond selloff and how best to allocate and rebalance a portfolio with fixed income. Download PDF →

December 2016

We explore the different types of preferred stock that are issued and how careful selection of the best preferred stocks can translate into real edge over passive fixed income ETF investing. Download PDF →