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The Benen Report

The Benen Report is a periodic newsletter that we send out to our clients. We discuss topics related to investing, personal financial decisions, and pertinent macroeconomic themes. These are password protected PDFs. If you are interested in reading our reports, please contact us.

January 2018

The first 6 weeks of 2018 brought about major market shifts and prompted some serious questions about asset allocation in the new year.

Download PDF →

February 2018

Investors irrationally avoid fixed income investments for a variety of reasons.

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March - April 2018

Using treasury securities with near-term maturities as replacements for savings accounts.  How corporate earnings drive stock prices and how price-earnings multiples help inform an investment strategy.  The fundamental flaws of fixed income ETFs and smarter ways to invest in bonds and preferred stocks. Download PDF →

May - June 2018

Investor temperament is a major factor in optimal portfolio allocation and success in long-term investing.  The merits of diversifying away from the US Dollar. Download PDF →

July - August 2018

The surprising divergence in performance of the domestic and international stock market prompts interesting questions about the root causes and optimal asset allocation going forward.  Finding value in 20-year bonds. Download PDF →

September - October  2018

Maintaining a healthy dose of market agnosticism and remaining objective are the keys to coming out a winner when money is swinging around rapidly in financial markets.  Strategies for charitable giving in the context of new Federal tax legislation. Download PDF →

November - December  2018

We must separate our political views from asset allocation decisions.  A unique perspective on the concept of duration matching in portfolio management.  The viability and wisdom of index funds as investments going forward.  With our government agencies having issued dire warnings on the impact of climate change, we look at the potential impacts on financial markets. Download PDF →