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Why We Run Our Managed Account Business on Interactive Brokers

  • IB is a financially stable, publicly traded brokerage firm.  They are a major presence in the financial industry and we sleep well at night parking client assets with them.
  • IB is laser-focused on cybersecurity.  All logins require two-factor authentication.  All transfers of funds go through security and compliance protocols to prevent fraud and theft.
  • No platform fee for advisors.  We pass these savings onto you in the form of low advisory fees.
  • IB has a robust advisor platform that allows us to log in and manage our clients’ accounts simultaneously. We can execute ‘block trades’ and allocate down to our clients, lowering transaction costs for everyone.
  • Each client has his/her own client portal to log in at any time and check balances, get statements, and perform administrative functions on the account.
  • One integrated trading platform for all securities (stocks, bonds, options, and international).  Fair, transparent, low commissions on trades.
  • Top-of-the-line trading platform and risk management system for our clients who participate in more complex, actively traded strategies.  
  • Industry-low margin rates when our clients want to take margin loans against their securities.
  • IB offers Stock Yield Enhancement, a way for its customers to get paid extra interest on their stock positions when other IB customers want to use those shares for short selling.  IB will split the stock loan fee with its customers 50-50, which very few other brokers offer.